Londrina, Brazil
Caracas, Venezuela
Miami, FL USA

Human Consumption

FIRMASA Group markets the following foods for Human consumption::

  • Beans
    FIRMASA Group maintains strategic business partnerships with several of the largest suppliers of beans from Brazil and other countries. The Group markets a wide range of beans and acts as representative to some of those suppliers in countries like Venezuela. The two best-selling beans are black and brown beans produced by Alnutri, a Brazilian company […]
  • Beef
    Beef (Chilled, Frozen y Live Animals) As far as beef is concerned,FIRMASA Group maintains relations with several slaughterhouses in Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Panama which work both conventional slaughter and halal. The Group also has commercial agreements with several livestock producers ready for slaughter in the country of arrival. In the specific case of the […]
  • Candies and Treats
    Currently El Grupo Pennacchi has one of the most advanced candy and treats production factory in Brazil, capable of producing 80Ton per day.
  • Canola Oil
    FIRMASA Group provides Canola Oil (Rapeseed Oil) produced in Brazil y Bolivia for both applications: as a lubricant and for human consumption. Despite the limited worldwide availability, the Group manages to obtain an almost permanent availability thereof through its ongoing relationships with producers and suppliers. This is the data-sheet, or physio-chemical characteristics: Physical & Chemical […]
  • Coffee
    FIRMASA Group markets in Latin America coffee produced by its associate Café Jandaia. With a new state of the art factory, and under international environmental guidelines, it is the only roasting in the state of Paraná. It functions with a turbo roaster which roasts coffee in less that 4 minutes ensuring the the most quality, […]
  • Corn
    FIRMASA maintains strategic business partnerships with several of the largest producers and suppliers of corn from Brazil and other Latin American countries. The group provides corn for both human consumption and animal consumption.
  • Fish & Shellfish
    FIRMASA offers fish marketed in conjunction with its strategic partner Agro Exports International, which is based in Panama and supply the American and Latin American market. Together we market prawns, squid, and fish in general, although the specialty is: tuna and dorado (mahi mahi). Following is the Fact sheets of the products currently marketed by […]
  • General Drinks
    FIRMASA Group has commercial agreements with several Brazilian and Argentine manufacturers of alcoholic beverages such as whiskey, cachaça, vodka, rum and wine. In Brazil, the group sells drinks such as whiskey, cachaça, vodka and rum, produced by its strategic partner Industrias Missiato de Bebidas.  Cachaças – Jamel, Jamel Ouro, Missiato, Exportação Whiskey – Gran Par […]
  • Olive Oil
    FIRMASA Group sales spanish extra virgin olive oil, with an maximum acidity of 0.2%, which markets worldwide through Brazil. FIRMASA Group has commercial agreements with the exclusive international distributor for the Latin American market. Up next is the current olive oil guaranteed nutritional information for Latin America. Physical and Chemical Characteristics Fatty Acid Composition Contaminants
  • Pork and Poultry
    Pork or Poultry mechanically deboned meat (MDM), with or without bones. Requirements: – Without additional additives other than those specified in this technical sheet. – Normal sensory characteristics (color, smell y taste). An indication of a product not altered. – Storage temperature (MDM) between -2oC y 4oC for up to 72 hours (freezing). Storage temperature […]
  • Powdered Milk
    Powdered Milk obtained by virtually eliminating almost all of the water from milk, enriched with Vitamin A and D. Requirements Free of preservatives, neutralizers, toxic substances and foreign materials. Homogeneous yellowish white color (characterstic of the product). Free of odors and strange flavors other than its own. Homogeneous powder, compacted but lump-free, free from burnt […]
  • Rice
    FIRMASA Group merchandizes white rice which the chaff has been partially or entirely separated (glumes). These products comply with international standards, among others, those established by the Venezuelan Government. Rice Technical Specs Currently Available: Physical Parameters: Exempt appearance and objectionable odors. Free of foreign materials such as metal particles, glass, fabric, wood, earth, sand, insects, […]
  • Soybean Oil
    FIRMASA Group has strategic commercial associations with several soybean oil producers in Brazil. The commercialization of this product follows strict international patterns (1L, 2L, 3L, 4L, 5L, 18L, 200Kg drums, FLEXTANK – ISO BAG & ISOTANK both of 24.000lt equivalent to 21.36Ton). The following is the data sheet or specifications of the current marketed soybean […]
  • Sugar
    FIRMASA Group maintains strategic partnerships with several sugar suppliers from Brazil and is a representative of some of them in Venezuela. Among the suppliers that FIRMASA Group maintains strategic partnerships with are several cooperatives, Copersucar and Raizen, in the state of Paraná. With the latter, FIRMASA Group sells alcohol (ethanol), and sugar. With these cooperatives, […]
  • Tropical Fruits
    Throughout its strategic alliances with producers of tropical fruits from Brazil and Central America, FIRMASA Group sells and distributes tropical fruits. Particularly important is the case of mango produced in Brazil, which is marketed in several countries.
  • Soybean
    Taking advantage of the proximity of FIRMASA Group headquarter offices with the world soybean production Mecca in Parana, Brazil, the Group has established business relationships with some of the major soybeans producers in the area.