Londrina, Brazil
Caracas, Venezuela
Miami, FL USA


The companies belonging to the FIRMASA Group work, operationally speaking, through divisions in their specific area of this expertise, in which they engage in projects in their areas of competencies.

There is a division in charge of the Agro-Industrial Sector. It develops beef reproduction projects using Fixed-Time Artificial Insemination (FTAI), In-Vitro Embryo Production and Transfer (IVEP, IVET). This division also has a ranch that concentrates on the production and sales of beef and dairy products in Venezuela and a In-Vitro Fertilization Lab in Panama.

Additionally, FIRMASA Group has a division dedicated to International Commerce of Latin American Products. They encompass farming equipment, agro-industrial food processing plants, bovine products (including beef, dairy, semen, live steer, grains, sugar, dry food, and frozen food).

Another division of FIRMASA Group is in charge of Maritime Transport (logistics), operating and controlling a wide array of vessels like dry carriers, panamax, methane vessels for gas liquefaction, cabotage, dredgers, coastal recovery vessels, and asphalt transport vessels.

The Group has an electrical engineering and energy project division. It develops industrial projects in Venezuela and Latin America. This division also develops projects that optimize industrial production processes and electrical engineering.

FIRMASA Group has a division dedicated to the trading of fossil fuel derivatives and natural liquid gas, which are produced by a renowned international company