Londrina, Brazil
Caracas, Venezuela
Miami, FL USA


AzucarFIRMASA Group maintains strategic partnerships with several sugar suppliers from Brazil and is a representative of some of them in Venezuela. Among the suppliers that FIRMASA Group maintains strategic partnerships with are several cooperatives, Copersucar and Raizen, in the state of Paraná. With the latter, FIRMASA Group sells alcohol (ethanol), and sugar. With these cooperatives, FIRMASA Group focuses on sugar ICUMSA 45, ever more scarce in the world, and with Copersucar and Raizen, sugar ICUMSA 150 and VHP.

FIRMASA Group is currently developing, together with the largest Brazilian suppliers, efforts to promote the use of ICUMSA 150 instead of ICUMSA 45 in the common international market. This effort seeks to increase the supply with the existing refineries parks (shorter refining times) and lower prices (with sweetening characteristic differences almost imperceptible). Here is a comparative table of sugar types sold by the group:

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