Londrina, Brazil
Caracas, Venezuela
Miami, FL USA

Maritime Transport

This division functions internationally through WERHAM International Inc. by managing trans-oceanic vessels. It handles dry cargo and containers through the use of maritime and fluvial vessels. It also provides dredging and filler vessels; barges to transport materials in open storages; tugs, cranes and special equipments; Panamax vessels used in the oil industry. Within its operating scheme, FIRMASA Group has an important fleet of vessels for exclusively for daily rent, including crew and maintenance, used for long-term contracts.

FIRMASA Group’s operational areas are: dry cargo transportation, refrigerated cargo, mineral transport, fossil fuel and its derivatives transport, sand and gravel transport, grain transportation, dredging, filling and recovery of coastal areas.

FIRMASA Group is backed by several Greek families, owners of ships, of the soundest tradition and experience in the shipping industry, which have their fleets at their disposal. It also maintains strategic cooperation agreements with several assemblers and customs agencies to ensure the availability of solutions for its customers while drastically reducing their logistics problems in this complex world.

FIRMASA Group maintains close business relationship with some of the most important vessel manufacturers, shipyards which implement leading technologies for a high productivity.

Finally, FIRMASA Group has an experienced staff in maritime transport business which have been developed over 40 years, specifically in the area of logistics and management of vessels.