Londrina, Brazil
Caracas, Venezuela
Miami, FL USA


FIRMASA Group markets in Latin America coffee produced by its associate Café Jandaia. With a new state of the art factory, and under international environmental guidelines, it is the only roasting in the state of Paraná. It functions with a turbo roaster which roasts coffee in less that 4 minutes ensuring the the most quality, taste and aroma, thus preserving its original features.

Cafe Jandaia Extra Forte 1 Cafe Jandaia Extra Forte 2 Cafe Cancao 1 Cafe Cancao 2 Cafe Jandaia Filtro

In addition to coffee, the company produces a full line of morning coffee, cappuccinos, chocolate drinks, coffee with milk,filters, and other food products under the brands Jandaia and Canção.

Cafe Jandaia Cappuccino 1 Cafe Jandaia Cappuccino 2 Cafe Jandaia Cappuccino Light Cafe Jandaia Cafe Com Leite Cafe Jandaia Achocolatado 1

Cafe Jandaia’s offers security, quality and good prices for its clients through its advanced technology, modern machinery, trained professionals, stringent manufacturing quality control, and privately own distribution fleet.