Londrina, Brazil
Caracas, Venezuela
Miami, FL USA

Agro-Industrial Projects

FIRMASA Group has a solid relationship with IMOTO Industria de Motores e Maquinarias Ltda. to develop comprehensive agro-industrial projects in Latin America. These projects include: Pelleted animal food processing plants; Soybeam deactivation plants; Silos and mills; and detailed agro-industrial projects.

IMOTO is a company with over 40 years of experience dedicated to manufacturing and optiization of equipments for the production, storing, and transport of agro-industiral products. IMOTO offers customized products and services for food processing plants. In addition to developing such projects, it supervises the assembly through the integration of professionals, providers, and local labor force to successfully and efficiently complete the project in a timely manner.

It also performs the integration of structural projects, compressed air networks, pelletization, extrusion, steam boiler, electrical and automation systems. All process occur while under a rigid quality control standards, rules and laws in Brazil and abroad (in the case of international projects). Using certified materials, IMOTO provides the most demanding production standards and structures for food processing plants.

The IMOTO transport equipments for transporting rations and livestock loads are specially designed to increase performance and productivity in projects completely adaptable to the needs of each client. The equipments are particularized, have low maintenance requirements, provide high strength and durability, offer greater security to the load and are agile in the offload.

At present, FIRMASA Group is building for the Venezuelan government, Empresa Mixta Socialista Lacteos del Alba, a 10 ton/hr pellet feed processing plant, which is manufactured in Brazil. For such projects , the group maintains strategic alliances for the Latin American market with several silos manufacturers, feed mills, general agricultural equipment companies, and automation systems for agro-industrial project operations. Brazilian Companies such as: IMOTO , Vellar Ingenharia electromechanica, and others.