Londrina, Brazil
Caracas, Venezuela
Miami, FL USA

Beef and Dairy

FIRMASA Group produces beef and dairy through its Venezuelan company Agropecuaria CARFRAN CA. Established in 1974 worked independently as a supplier of beef and bovine milk to Venezuela, and a producer of other cereals for internal animal consumption. The ranch, Mata Redonda, is located in the state of Barinas, southwestern Venezuela.

The Ranch is divided into four operational areas (breeding, calving, weaning, feedlot, and grain farming area for domestic consumption).

The ranch Mata Redonda has a breeding center that produces Brahman and Senepol high genetic quality bulls and heifers. It also has a breeding program optimal for commercial beef to help meet the demands for many of the restaurants in the country. Additionally has a dual-purpose dairy farm, which allocates a portion of its production to the manufacture of cheese, and the other portion to the sale of refrigerated milk to collection centers in the area.

The ranch Mata Redonda uses the most modern reproductive technologies, including IVF and FTAI.

The ranch Mata Redonda has a tradition of over 150 years beef production nationwide and it has produced some of the best animals in the country. Its animals have won major awards in the best Venezuelan and Colombian fairs.