Londrina, Brazil
Caracas, Venezuela
Miami, FL USA


FIRMASA Group, through its division FIRMASA Tecnologia Pecuaria, allied with In-Vitro Brazil and provides In-Vitro Embryo Production (IVEP) services and advices on the development of these projects in various countries.

Within the IVEP services provided by FIRMASA Group, it includes the transfer of the latest and proven technology, including:

  • Donor follicular aspiration.
  • Production of embryos in the laboratory through IVF.
  • Transfer of embryos produced in the laboratory to recipients.
  • Diagnosis of pregnancy using ultrasound.
  • Cryo-preservation (vitrification) of surplus embryos, which represents an indispensable tool to stimulate and disseminate the process of in vitro production of bovine embryos.
  • Similarly, FIRMASA Tecnologia Pecuaria and In-Vitro Brasil ensure the best culture supply and other stages of the process, which is a critical activity of the project and that can mean the difference between success and failure.