Londrina, Brazil
Caracas, Venezuela
Miami, FL USA

Business Alliances

FIRMASA Group has trade agreements with a number suppiers on the different categories: human and animal food suppliers; genetic material suppliers; and equipment and materials in general suppliers. These alliances allow FIRMASA Group to acquire short term and long term supply commitments. In regards to food supplies, FIRMASA Group provides both bulk and packaged supplies for FIRMASA customers. The Group is able to establish chain supplies with custom packagedproducts for particularized food distribution under the customer’s name.

  • Alnutri
    FIRMASA Group maintains strategic business associations with several of the largest beans providers in Brazil and other countries. The Group markets a wide range of beans and acts as a representative in countries like Venezuela. ALNUTRI is a Brazilian company that provides two of the best sellers, black beans and brown beans, and FIRMASA Group […]
  • Alta Genetics
  • Coffee Jandaia
    FIRMASA Group markets in Latin America coffee produced by its associate Café Jandaia. It is a family owned business that has its origin in traditional coffee farmers of italian heritage. They started over 60 years ago in the north of Panama and Brazil. The company Cafe Jandaia was founded in 1991 in the city of […]
  • Industria Missiato
    CACHAÇA – Jamel, Ouro, Missiato y Exportação VODKA – Romanoff y Miskov RUMS – Moriuska (carta ouro y blanca) WINES – Catupinga
  • Pennacchi
    FIRMASA Group has a strong, long lasting business relationship with El Grupo Pennacchi in multiple areas of its business, among others candies and treats. Grupo Pennacchi started producing candies and treats in the 70’s and it currently has one of the most advanced candy production infraestructures in Brazil, with a capacity to produce 80Ton per […]
  • Tecnogran
    FIRMASA represents the company Tecnogran internationally, which offers sustainable and innovative solutions in high strength and durability flooring for commercial and residential buildings with high traffic volume. Tecnogran has over 50 years experience in the manufacturing of synthetic flooring that replaces the granite and marble for its strength, durability and beauty, being visually similar to […]