Londrina, Brazil
Caracas, Venezuela
Miami, FL USA

Corporate Structure

FIRMASA Group is actually composed of 5 divisions each with a specific business specialty.  Depending on the projects geographic locations and/or the clients, each division can complement the other and may utilize the shared knowledge to complete a job.

The companies that constitute FIRMASA Group are:

FirmasaTEC-Logo-Blanco-XXs300 FIRMASA Tecnología para Pecuaria, is a Brazilian company, founded in August 2002, and is in charge of providing veterinary services, animal biotechnology projects, and development of agro-industrial projects in Brazil.
FirmasaIMP-Logo-Blanco-XXs300 FIRMASA Comercial Importação e Exportação, is a Brazilian company, founded in January 2008, and is in charge of international trading of Brazilian products and the representation of a variety of manufacturers and producers.
Werham-Logo-Transp XXS WERHAM International Inc., is a British Virgin Islands company, founded in June 2010, and it dedicates its resources to represent manufactures and producers worldwide, including maritime transport and integral agro-industrial projects.
Carfran Logo XXS Agropecuaria CARFRAN CA, is a Venezuelan company founded in October 1974 and acquired by the Group in November 1987. It focuses on developing high quality livestock for the production of beef and dairy in the Venezuelan market.
Agepi LOGO XXS AGEPI CA, is a Venezuelan company founded in August 1980. It focuses on management consulting for engineering and agro-industrial companies; the development of industrial and electrical engineering projects; and the development of software to complement all projects.